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-Manual Filing (Policy 9.8)

-Final ranking

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 Regulation 9.8 (Manual Standing)

Equality Division It is important to know that for each round the objective is to identify the best team(s). Each criterion is intended to eliminate one or more teams until the objective of identifying the best team(s) is achieved. When there is a tie in the ranking between two (2) or more teams, all of these teams are subject to the following points:

At each criterion, only equal teams are retained until finally one criterion determines the first team.

When the first team has been identified or eliminated, a second spin must be restarted with the teams tied from the first criterion ton determine the 2nd team if necessary and so on.

A.   The greatest number of points.

B.   The greatest number of victories.

C.   The best differential: total goals for, minus total goals against, of all games

 Note 1:

If a team is not present for a match, the number of points for and against games played against it by the other teams should not be considered in the calculation. D. The team that scored the fastest goal in all games played.

Note 2:

In the case of a team that does not show up for a game, not all games played against it by other teams should be considered. E. The team with the most play points. F. By draw.

Final standing

 You can get the final standing.


View the standing

You will be able to view all standing

  • General standing

  • Classification by division

By clicking on display the ranking you will get the ranking of the division you have selected.

By clicking on display all rankings you will get the rankings of all categories.

You will be able to view the reports in PDF format and you will also be able to export them in Excel format.

In displaying the rankings and in displaying all standing you can decrease your stranding by clicking on the (-) as well as enlarge it by clicking on (+) which is located to the left of the division.

Standing and Statistics


Manual Standing

It is important to set the information to ‘'Yes’'

Standing and Statistics


Final Standing

It is important not to select anything.

View a ranking

It will be important to select a division to know the ranking.


You will need to choose a division to know the best scorers.


You’ll have to choose a division to know the best goaltenders.

Penalties statistics

You will know the number of punishments during your tournament.