Staff Management

  1. Referee

  2. Scorekeepers / Timekeepers

  3. Volunteers

You will be able to manage your staff very easily:

  • Referees

  • Scorekeepers / Timekeepers

  • Volunteers

Referees and Scorekeepers / Timekeepers:

If you wish, you can import last year’s referees.

File:                You will be able to edit the file at any time.

Report:          You will be able to pull out Every 5160 labels as well as the list of arbitrators.

Schedule:      You will be able to know which officials will officiate the game.

You can select and referee if you want, or you can select all the referee.

Excel: You will be able to import it into an Excel file.

N.B.: ** More information coming from the programmer.

Scorekeepers / Timekeepers


You can add one or more scorekeepers and place notes

You can consult the marker schedule.


You can import the committee from last season.

By clicking on the (+) you can then add committee.


You can import last season’s volunteers

  • You can add or remove

  • You can edit

  • You will be able to view all members, active members, non-active members, as well as the number of hours worked by members.

  • You can contact members by email

  • You will be able to pull out different report such as email addresses, directory, committee, labels (Avery 5610) or all members.

You can add members

You can add or remove a member