Members Management

Here is what you will learn in the Member Management section.

Update of alignments

Search for a member

Goaltender Assessment

Management of suspensions

Player of the Game

Update of alignments

You can update the alignments at any time. You will be able to perform multiple tasks within this section such as searching for a team, sorting the alignment, displaying, displaying statistics, etc.

By clicking File, you will have other options:  

  • Add (F2)

  • Edit (F6)

  • Delete

  • Delete a complete alignment

  • Interchange first and last names

Rapport d’Alignement

You will be able to view a report in PDF format.

Here is an example of a report that will appear on the left side of your screen, but you will have the actual player list report in the center of the screen.

You can print the document, export it in different formats, you can send the alignment by email either with the built-in content or in PDF format. 

You will be able to search the PDF document and you will also be able to annotate information about a particular player or several players

Statistic report

You will be able to view a report in PDF format (See information above)


You can update the teams

Search for a member

You can search for a member by double-clicking on the selected player.

You can also sort through the membership list.

Goaltender Assessment

You can pull out a goaltending report during or after your tournament.

Suspension Management

You can pull out a suspension list during and after your tournament.

Players of the game

You can sort the list of stars by team or by game.

You will be able to pull out a complete list of players who have received a mention.

Last updates does the: December 12th, 2019