Management of divisions

  • How to build a structure

  • Information about your tournament

  • Chart for your tournament

Management of divisions

Add a structure

By double-clicking on a category, the latter will be added to your tournament structure.

You can place as much structure as you want.


You have several little pieces of information to manage when preparing your tournament.

You can choose ‘’Yes or No’’ if you want your information to appear on your website.

Afterwards, you will build your sections.

Internet Online

You can choose ‘Yes or No’ to put your information on your website.

Duration of time slots.

You can select the duration of your time slots in minutes.

You will be able to select the number of minutes that each period will last.

The Staff

You can place fixed prices for arbitrators as well as for minor officials (ScoreKeeper).

Last updates does the: December 11th, 2019