Games Management

The elements that will be covered in this section will focus on Game Management.

You will learn the menus as well as the buttons mentioned above.

The match

In the match section, you will find 11 buttons.

We will explain each of its buttons and what they will be used for

Add a match
By clicking on the ‘Add Match’ icon, you can add a match. A window open and you will have to add all the requested information about this part.

Edit the selected match Clicking on the ‘’Edit selected game’’ icon will allow you to edit the selected game.

Delete a selected game You will then be able to ‘Delete a part’ that would have been selected

The game By clicking on matches, you will be able to see all matches in your tournament.

Schedule of the day By clicking on this logo, you will get the schedule of the day.

By selecting a start and end date, you can obtain the calendar between the selected dates.

A Team By clicking on ‘’A Team’’ a window will open, all teams are present in this section

You can make selection by clicking on division. When your selection is made and by double clicking on the team you will see the team calendar.

Graphics Before releasing the graph, you will need to select a category. Once this category has been selected, simply click on ‘’Chart’’ and you will get the chart.

Here is an example of a chart:

Export to Excel file You will be able to export the information in Excel file

You can sort everything by date.

You can refresh the table at any time by clicking F12


You will be able to obtain several reports concerning the games.



-Match Sheet

-Signature Sheet


You will be able to print everything or save it in PDF format.

Report (+)

-Player of game

-Letter to marker

-Players of the game list

-Match report (Referee)

-Game poster (Big and small)

By selecting a game you can then print the information of this game.



-Configuring a printer

-Export to Uni association