Important reminder

Important reminder about the pricing model and Paysafe transactions

 First of all, we would like to thank you for your precious collaboration over the past few weeks since this has enabled us to successfully transition your Paysafe business accounts under the Spordle umbrella! To this end, we would like to make a few clarifications and reminders regarding the pricing model and your banking transactions.

Deposit and refund to your bank account

Paysafe merchant account transactions will be deposited into your bank account in 48 business hours. This period begins as soon as the request is filed and confirmed. 

Your deposits may not constitute the entire amount available in your Netbanx account. The reason is that the link between the merchant account and the bank account was not done at the same time. Therefore, there is a difference between the amounts received and the amounts disbursed to your bank account. If this is the case for you, please write to us, so that we can contact Paysafe to submit a request for consolidated payment of the balance. Once a day, you will receive your money according to the usual schedule mentioned above.

A pricing model recommended by Spordle ... to your advantage!

The Spordle business model offers a pricing model that is first and foremost advantageous for your organization! Here's why: 

Spordle and Paysafe charge $ 1 + 1.5% + 2.45%, which includes credit card processing fees as well as technology fees. There are no additional costs or monthly fees. Thereafter, you have three configurable options according to your needs: 

  1. The club absorbs all of the costs (Technology fees ($ 1 + 1.5%) and processing fees (2.45%));

2. Technology fees are added to the registration cost ($ 1 + 1.5% paid by the player) and the club absorbs the processing fees (2.45%);

3. All fees will be added (Processing fees and technology fees: $ 1 + 1.5% + 2.45%) to the cost of the player's registration. (These costs are considered to be service charges on the buyers' invoice).

These three options offer you financial flexibility for the distribution of these amounts associated with platform fees. Spordle highly recommends option 2 as it is the most financially beneficial option for your club. As you know, the transactions made by organizations under Spordle's umbrella represent a very high annual volume, and the majority of these organizations select this option because of the savings it offers.

New feature: Virtual payment

As a club or a regional soccer administrator, virtual payment allows you to:

·  Process a one-off amount by credit card using the tool;

·  Get the link for the virtual payment module with Paysafe. This module will give you the option to make payments for your members who register at the office or by phone. 


The new feature allows clubs to: 

  1. Earn income by credit card;

  2. Distribution of service fees;

  3. Send an electronic receipt of the transaction to the client;

  4. Generate transaction reports via the virtual terminal.


  1. Check the distribution (which absorbs) fees for credit card payments;

2. Configure the reception of emails for each transaction;

3. Get the link for the virtual payment module with Paysafe. You just have to copy this link in your browser and fill in the required fields. 

4. Produce a report including all the transactions carried out by your account or according to a specific time interval.

Online registrations

For administrators who use online registration, we must inform you that the fees related to credit card transactions are unfortunately not refundable. The explanation is simple and, above all, beyond our control: VISA and Mastercard do not reimburse the transaction fees they require. You can refund the entire amount to your customers (via Netbanx and your transaction ID), but you will have to plan to absorb these costs in the equation. 

For any question related to this communication, do not hesitate to contact us via your Soccer Quebec Customer Centre by CLICKING HERE

Thank you for your comprehension and have a nice day, 

The Spordle team

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